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The Goddess Emerging By: Nina Fontana

This is my First Painting for 2016 and she is ~ The Goddess EmergingFor me 2016 is about having strands of Gold, and Purple in my Hair. And picking some Beautiful Flowers to put in my Goddess Hair. I will Eat Clean and I will Be Thankful For my Food~ Savoring Every Bite.I have the Gold Light in my Eyes to help me see Love in All that I do!!!I hope you enjoy the Process of my painting!!!May you be Filled With Infinite Love and Eternal Bliss!!! Blessings, Nina         

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Manifesting my Dreams in 2016 By: Nina Fontana

We are just 2 1/2 weeks into 2016, and I feel like I have already accomplished so much!!! I started out the New Year with Big Dreams in mind. Most of 2015 was Meditating, Listening, Dreaming and Doing the Leg Work for the Blessings coming my way, all I knew is that I had to stay focused, and Never Give Up!!!  2015 taught me to Stay Away from People and Places that made me feel Low in Vibration. At first it felt wrong to let these friends go, but then I realized I was making room for all the High Vibration Friends and Places, and The Universe made sure I kept the ones worth keeping.  It was a slow process...

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Getting back to the Simple Things, and Enjoying the Journey!!!

I am not sure when I realized I Needed Nature Again, and Things I knew and LOVED as a child, but I knew having  it was Working for Me. I would think of my Mother and Grandmother writing and reading, and I knew I needed to do more of both in my life!!! I can remember going to my Granny Doodle's House (That was what I called my Grandmother) and her bedroom being So Magical, She had Books, Paintings from her Children Covering the walls and Little Mini Avon Lipstick Samples for me to use. I remembering Loving Life and Every Part of life when I was with her and Poppa. They made it seem so Simple, but it was...

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