Psychic Readings, Angel Card Readings, House Blessings and Spiritual Advisor ~ By: Nina Fontana

I am a Certified in Advanced Psychic Mediumship and Channeling. Born with an Intuitive Spirit, I have been a gifted Medium with Psychic abilities since I was a child. I have been authenticated by my Spiritual Gifts throughout the years. (Please See my Testimonials Below)
My strongest gift is the gift of Channeling and Mediumship.
I am  also Clairaudient "clear hearing",  Clairvoyant "clear seeing", Claircognizant "clear knowing", Clairsentient "clear feeling"  and an Empath. I am also able to do Life Path Readings,  Read Auras, Read Energy, People, Places and Animals.
My Gift is not limited to living or deceased ( I can read both).  
I am Very Blessed to be able to Share My Gift, and I am Honored to Share the messages I Receive from My Guides, Ancestors, and Guardian Angels. 
I have studied under some of the Top Psychics in Georgia~ the first one was my Grandmother.
I am a Graduate from "Living in The Light" Courses, and a Proud Member of the Living in the Light Alumni. 
I do not sugar coat readings, and I am a direct reader. I will Never Tell you Lotto Numbers, or when you are Going to Die~ So Please don't ask!!!
I will tell you what I Authentically Hear, and Feel from My Spirit Guides, Ancestors and Guardian Angels, or if I receive messages from your loved ones on the other side.
I am a Spiritual Adviser for your Healing and Guidance for Love, Relationship, Work, Financial, and Career questions in Hopes of Attaining a Level of Peace and Understanding in Your Life while Ultimately Serving Your Highest and Greatest Good. 
I Only Deal With With Light and Love!!!
I Do Not Participate or Do Dark or Evil Magic!!!
May All your days be filled with Infinite Love and Eternal Bliss♥ Blessings~Nina
Customer Testimonial:
  • Dear Nina, I know I have said it once, twice, probably a thousand times to you but you were the last person that I needed guidance from to really make myself believe. I then could deal with the past and cut the cords with my ex. You have facilitated true unconditional healing within me with love in a selfless way, and to me you are this buzzing energetic goddess who changes peoples lives, and it has been amazing to cross your path and take some of your energy, and mold it in to my own. I mean not take your energy, but I hope you understand what I am trying to convey to you. That last tool you gave me with the list of emotions and getting to a higher vibration when feeling anger or negativity. I can move out of a state of one emotion on that scale very quickly now. Feel the emotion, understand it purpose, let it go and move in to the next emotion. Now I don't want you to be getting a big head from everything I am saying to you but your absolutely fantastic and your husband, family, animals and friends truly have someone special in their lives.  Thank You, J
  • Nina Fontana is truly a beautiful soul!! And this beauty comes across in her readings in so many ways. Her accuracy is stunning, but beyond that her delivery is such that it is wrapped in love and peace!! She addressed issues that I had held close and personal and after working with her I was able to find strength and peace that had eluded me for so long. J. Davis
  • This is truly your true calling! Your gifts are incredibly healing . . .and beautiful. Shine on! L.H.
  • Nina Fontana is an amazingly intuitive person. She gave me a reading that was so spot on...right down to things I was feeling about the past, present, and future. She even addressed questions/concerns I had never even vocalized before. She left me feeling more encouraged about things I have gone through, and about the future. She is a Beautiful Soul, and I am eternally grateful! S.B.
  • Having had the opportunity to spend time with you and have several readings with you I can honestly say how truly inspired and refreshed I feel afterwards. Trust your gift and let your light shine. You are such a blessing!  G. W.
  • I always love to tell people that Nina gave me the best reading of my life! Immediately she hit on a lot of things that were on-point, with a very relaxed and open conversational style. There was one particular worry that I kept active in my mind, and Nina zero'd in on it (with the help of her guides) and asked me point blank if I was thinking these very specific, negative thoughts. And I admitted it was true! Nina assured me that my worries were a waste of time and energy and simply not true. From that day on, I quit those needless, worrisome thoughts 'cold turkey'. Ahhhhh, life is so much sweeter now, having shed those unfounded fears.  L.K.
  • Nina Fontana truly is incredibly gifted, and uses these gifts to serve humanity with love and compassion and clarity! Harper

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