About Us


I am a Certified Psychic Medium, Artist, I Love Crystals, Gemstones, Sage, Mixed Media Art, Jewelry Making, Painting, Clay, Sewing, Vintage, Collage Art, Writing in my Journal and Art Cards.


It is very important to me to have a spiritual message of LOVE, PEACE, HOPE, PROTECTION, HEALING,LIGHT, SENTIMENT, FAITH and INSPIRATION in my art.
What I LOVE ~

My AMAZING husband who has taught me how to TRULY LOVE

I Love My Kiddies, and Fur Babies!!!

I Love~ People full of PASSION, Lavender, Artist that leave me BREATHLESS, Vintage, The Beach, Candles, Dreams, Chocolate, Hot Peppermint Tea with Honey, Cooking, Working in the garden, Swimming under water, Photography, Garlic, Altered Art, Trust, Fulfillment, Art cards, Antique stores, Thrift stores, Goodwill, Shabby Chic, Dancing to music, Alone time, Reading a Great Book, Hearing a Train in the Distance, Fresh cut grass, Rain on a hot summer day, Great Friends, Wise souls, Light bulb moments, Walks taking in Nature, Laughing until it hurts, and A Sunset that takes my Breath Away!!!!

May Your Day be Full of Infinite Love and Eternal Bliss!!! HAPPY DAY~ Nina